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Land Clearing | Soil Grading | Foundation Excavation

Our crew in Hesperus & Durango, CO can do it all

Before a foundation for your new building can be laid, you'll need to take care of a few preliminary steps. For example, you'll need to clear your lot and complete the land grading. Then you'll need a professional in Hesperus or Durango, CO to handle your road, driveway, footer or foundation excavation. Sound like a lot? Don't stress about your site prep - leave it to Box T Construction LLC.

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How can we help you turn an overgrown lot into a manageable construction site? Our site prep contractors have the tools and skills to provide top-notch:

  • Property clearing services - get rid of the rocks, trees and demo debris that's in your way
  • Land grading services - grade your land for mountain trails or new construction projects
  • Excavation services - dig out the land for your utility and drainage ditch installations

Whether you need foundation excavation or land sloping services, we're the right team for the job. Don't wait to get started - discuss your needs with a member of our staff today.